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Another word for expurgate

  1. To examine (material) and remove parts considered harmful or improper for publication or transmission

      1. A movable device, especially a framed construction such as a room divider or a decorative panel, designed to divide, conceal, or protect.
      2. One that serves to protect, conceal, or divide:
      3. A coarse sieve used for sifting out fine particles, as of sand, gravel, or coal.
      1. A person authorized to examine books, films, or other material and to remove or suppress what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable.
      2. An official, as in the armed forces, who examines personal mail and official dispatches to remove information considered secret or a risk to security.
      3. One that condemns or censures.
      1. To remove material that is considered offensive or objectionable from (a book, for example); expurgate.

Another word for expurgate

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