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Another word for bring out

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Another word for bring out

  1. To cause to appear

      1. To draw forth; evoke
      2. To call forth, draw out, or provoke (a response or reaction, for example):
      3. To cause to be revealed
      1. To cause (someone) to be active, attentive, or excited:
      2. To become aroused
      3. To give rise to (a feeling, for example); stir up:
      1. To draw forth or elicit (a particular mental image, reaction, etc.)
      2. To create anew, especially by means of the imagination:
      3. To give rise to; draw forth; produce:
      1. To expose to view; show; exhibit; display
      2. To make known (something concealed or unknown):
      3. To cause to be seen; show:
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  2. To publish

      1. To publish in print
      2. To produce a photographic image from (a negative, for example) by passing light through film onto a photosensitive surface, especially sensitized paper.
      3. To write (something) in characters similar to those commonly used in print.
      1. To circulate or distribute in an official capacity:
      2. To proceed from a source; emerge or come forth:
      3. To print or publish; put forth and circulate; give out publicly or officially
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  3. To produce a play

      1. To represent or depict in a certain manner:
      2. To attach to (a pathologic antigen, such as a virus or bacterium) in order to allow the antigen to be recognized and destroyed by T cells. Used of certain immune cells, such as macrophages.
      3. To appear or be felt first during birth. Used of the part of the fetus that proceeds first through the birth canal.
      1. To present for others to see:
      2. To present or expose to view; show; display
      3. (Law) To present (a document or an object) formally to a court
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  4. To intensify

      1. To make or become larger, greater, stronger, brighter, etc.; increase; intensify
      2. To raise or increase the quantity or degree of; intensify.
      3. To carry forward; to advance; to increase; to augment; to aggravate; to intensify; to render more conspicuous; -- used of things, good or bad; as, to heighten beauty; to heighten a flavor or a tint.
      1. To make or become sharp or sharper
      1. To increase the volume of (sound):
      2. To have the power of increasing the apparent size of an object, as a microscope or telescope does
      3. To cause to seem or appear larger than is really so; increase the apparent size of, esp. by means of a lens or lenses