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Another word for sharpen

  1. To give a sharp edge to

      1. To make more keen; stimulate:
      2. To sharpen (a knife, for example); hone.
      3. To sharpen by rubbing or grinding (the edge of a knife or tool); hone
      1. To develop or improve
      2. To perfect or make more intense or effective:
      3. (Mech.) To enlarge or smooth (a bore) to exact specifications with a rotating stick (honing stone) containing abrasive material
      1. To form or put an edge on; provide an edge for
      2. To put a border or edge on:
      3. To trim the edge of
      1. To make sharp or pointed
      2. To sharpen or taper.
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Another word for sharpen

  1. To make keen

  2. To make more exact