Sentence Examples

  • That is exactly what they do, too - simply by compressing select areas of the body with strategically placed control panels, shapewear has the ability to minimize full hips, flatten a round belly and slenderize large thighs.
  • Control top plus size pantyhose offers lightweight slenderizing support with a design that includes build-in girdle support to help smooth bulges, flatten the lower stomach and lift the rear slightly.
  • Even today, many Scandinavians will not disturb an area that may be inhabited or visited by elves, including elf mounds or elf circles - rings of small mushrooms or areas where dancing elves flatten the grass.
  • The "lower" abs tend to be harder to flatten simply because people tend to accumulate more fat around the lower abdomen than around the upper abdomen - reiterating the importance of diet and cardio to flattening the lower abs.
  • If you're looking for the best exercise to flatten the tummy, then you need to consider your own fitness goals and exercise preferences before you spend money on the latest gadget or gimmick.