Sentence Examples

  • I am stripped of all my honours; I am torn up by the roots and lie prostrate on the earth..
  • In Sura 6 of the Majmu` the Nosairi says: "I make for the Door, I prostrate myself before the Name, I worship the Idea."
  • We went out to see the hero that had withstood so many tempests, and it wrung my heart to see him prostrate who had mightily striven and was now mightily fallen.
  • I tell you again that the recollection of the manner in which I saw the queen of France in 1774, and the contrast between that brilliancy, splendour and beauty, with the prostrate homage of a nation to her, and the abominable scene of 1789 which I was describing, did draw tears from me and wetted my paper.
  • Thereupon the pope, having accomplished his own ends, made alliance with the Venetians, who were now prostrate at his feet, and, with them, the Spaniards and the Swiss, fought against the French at Ravenna in 1512.