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Another word for yield

  1. To bring forth (a product)

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  3. To make as income or profit

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  5. To let (something) go

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  7. To cease opposition

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  9. To give in from or as if from a gradual loss of strength

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  11. To conform to the will or judgment of another, especially out of respect or courtesy

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  13. To moderate or change a position or course of action as a result of pressure

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Another word for yield

  1. The amount or quantity produced

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  3. The produce harvested from the land

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Synonym Study

  • Defer implies a yielding to another because of respect for his dignity, authority, knowledge, etc. to defer to another's judgment
  • Relent suggests the yielding or softening of one in a dominant position who has been harsh, stern, or stubborn he relented at the sight of her grief
  • Succumb stresses the weakness of the one who gives way or the power and irresistibility of that which makes one yield she succumbed to his charms
  • Capitulate implies surrender to a force that one has neither the strength nor will to resist further to capitulate to the will of the majority
  • Yield implies a giving way under the pressure or compulsion of force, entreaty, persuasion, etc. to yield to demands