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Another word for earnings

  1. Payment for work done

      1. A regular payment, usually on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, made by an employer to an employee, especially for manual or unskilled work.
      2. The price of labor in an economy.
      3. A fitting return; a recompense:
      1. A fixed and regular payment, such as a salary for services rendered or an allowance.
      1. Fixed compensation for services, paid to a person on a regular basis.
      1. The act of remunerating.
      2. Something, such as a payment, that remunerates.
      1. To give money to in return for goods or services rendered:
      2. To give (money) in exchange for goods or services:
      3. To discharge or settle (a debt or obligation):
      1. To engage the services of (a person) for a fee; employ:
      2. To engage the temporary use of for a fee; rent:
      3. To grant the services of or the temporary use of for a fee:
      1. A fixed sum charged, as by an institution or by law, for a privilege:
      2. A charge for professional services:
      3. A tip; a gratuity.
      1. Payment for an office or employment; compensation.
      1. The act of compensating or the state of being compensated.
      2. Something, such as money, given or received as payment or reparation, as for a service or loss.
      3. The increase in size or activity of one part of an organism or organ that makes up for the loss or dysfunction of another.
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  2. Something earned, won, or otherwise acquired

      1. To go or come back, as to an earlier condition or place:
      2. To revert in speech, thought, or practice:
      3. To revert to a former owner.
      1. An advantageous gain or return; benefit.
      2. Financial gain from a transaction or from a period of investment or business activity, usually calculated as income in excess of costs or as the final value of an asset in excess of its initial value.
      3. To make a gain or profit.
      1. To come into possession or use of; acquire:
      2. To attain in competition or struggle; win:
      3. To obtain through effort or merit; achieve:
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Another word for earnings