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Another word for wage

  1. To engage in (a war or campaign, for example)

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Another word for wage

Synonym Study

  • Emolument is an elevated substitute for salary or ?wages and may refer to additional benefits and perquisites
  • Pay is a general term equivalent to any of the preceding, but it is specifically used of compensation to members of the armed forces
  • Fee applies to the payment requested or given for professional services, as of a doctor, lawyer, artist, etc.
  • Stipend is a somewhat lofty substitute for salary , or it is applied to a pension or similar fixed payment
  • Salary applies to fixed compensation usually paid at longer intervals, often monthly or semimonthly, esp. to clerical or professional workers
  • Wage (also often ?wages) applies to money paid an employee at relatively short intervals, often daily, or weekly, esp. for manual or physical labor