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Another word for desert

  1. A tract of unproductive land

      1. A large tract of land that has not been significantly affected by human activities.
      2. An unsettled, uncultivated region, especially:
      3. An uncultivated, uninhabited region; waste; wild
      1. Any barren or uninteresting place.
      2. Land that is desolate, barren, or ravaged.
      3. Land that is uncultivated, barren, or without vegetation
      1. An unusable or unwanted substance or material, such as a waste product.
      2. A wasting or being wasted
      3. The act or an instance of wasting or the condition of being wasted:
      1. An area of unproductive land
      2. Land with poor soil and very few shrubs, trees, etc.
      3. A tract of unproductive land, often with a scrubby growth of trees.
      1. (Geomorphology) An arid terrain characterized by severe erosion of sedimentary rocks.
      2. Any section of barren land where rapid erosion has cut the loose, dry soil or soft rocks into strange shapes, as in various places in the W U.S.
      3. Barren land typically having rough, deeply eroded terrain.
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  2. Something justly deserved.

  1. To give up or leave without intending to return or claim again

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  2. To abandon one's cause or party usually to join another

      1. (Slang) To work as a scab laborer.
      2. (Slang) To reveal incriminating or embarrassing information about someone, especially to a person in authority:
      3. (Slang) To desert or betray a cause, movement, etc. as rats are reputed to desert a sinking ship
      1. To reverse one's or its course; start to move, go, etc. in the opposite direction
      2. To change the position of so that the underside becomes the upper side:
      3. To divert or deflect:
      1. To use evasions or subterfuge; equivocate
      2. To desert a cause, party, etc.; become a renegade; apostatize
      3. To change sides; apostatize.
      1. To become a deserter or an outlaw.
      1. To abandon a position or association, often to join an opposing group:
      2. To forsake a party or cause, esp. so as to join the opposition
      3. To disown allegiance to one's country and take up residence in another:
      1. To abandon one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.
      2. To become an apostate
      3. To give up or renounce one's position or belief.

Another word for desert

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  1. To abandon in time of trouble

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  2. To leave military service, one's post, etc.