Sentence Examples

  • No doubt the two had cut a deal so she wouldn't prosecute him.
  • Here he continued to prosecute his scientific researches and his multifarious studies with unabated diligence.
  • In 150 9, threatening to prosecute for treason all persons who dared to infringe the liberties of the citizens.
  • This work, apart from its value to artists and psychologists, is of interest historically, as there is no doubt the investigations of the author into the nervous supply of the muscles of expression induced him to prosecute inquiries which led to his great discoveries in the physiology of the nervous system.
  • The signature by the king of an ordinance giving legal validity to the civil Civil marriages of Catholics aroused a furious agitation Marriage among the clergy, to which bounds were only set Question, by the threat of the government to prosecute the bishop of Tuy and the chapter of Cordova.