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Another word for accuse

  1. To make an accusation against

      1. A contribution for the support of a government required of persons, groups, or businesses within the domain of that government.
      2. A fee or dues levied on the members of an organization to meet its expenses.
      3. A burdensome or excessive demand; a strain.
      1. To charge (a party) by indictment.
      2. To accuse of wrongdoing or criticize severely:
      1. To accuse of a crime or other wrongful act.
      2. To cause to appear guilty of a crime or fault; implicate:
      1. To condemn openly as being wrong or reprehensible.
      2. To inform against (someone); accuse publicly.
      3. To give formal announcement of the ending of (a treaty).
      1. To impose a duty, responsibility, or obligation on:
      2. To instruct or urge authoritatively; command:
      3. To instruct (a jury) about the law, its application, and the weighing of evidence.
      1. To call (an accused person) before a criminal court to hear and answer the charge made against him or her.
      2. To call to account; accuse:

Another word for accuse


Synonym Study

  • Impeach means to charge a public official with misconduct in office, but in nonlegal usage means to challenge a person's motives, credibility, etc.
  • Arraign means to call a person before a court to be informed of pending charges
  • Indict describes the action of a grand jury and means to find a case against a person and order the person to be brought to trial
  • To charge is to make an accusation of a legal or formal nature the police charged her with jaywalking
  • Accuse means to find fault for offenses of varying gravity to accuse someone of murder, to accuse someone of carelessness