Sentence Examples

  • After the examination he assigned the case to the proper court, and presided over it during the trial, which took place in the open air, that the judges and the accuser might not be polluted by being brought under the same roof with the offender (Ant.
  • Io), slanderer or accuser, the 'rEipd wv (Matt.
  • "Let the Public Accuser continue," called Ozma from her throne, "and I pray you do not interrupt him."
  • In 61 B.C. he was the chief accuser of P. Clodius in the affair of the festival of Bona Dea.
  • The accuser and the accused, standing on two white stones termed " Relentlessness " ('AvaiSEca) and " Outrage " ("T i 3pcs) respectively (Paus.