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Another word for opponent

  1. One that opposes another in a battle, contest, controversy, or debate

  2. One that competes

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Another word for opponent

  1. A rival

  2. An opposing contestant

  3. An enemy

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Synonym Study

  • Foe , now a somewhat literary synonym for enemy , connotes more active hostility
  • Enemy may imply actual hatred in the opponent and a desire to injure, or it may simply refer to any member of the opposing group, nation, etc. in a conflict, whether or not there is personal animosity or hostility involved
  • Adversary usually suggests actual hostility in the conflict
  • Antagonist implies more active opposition, esp. in a struggle for control or power
  • Opponent , an unemotional word, refers to anyone who is opposed to one, as in a fight, game, contest, or debate