Sentence Examples

  • Contender Boxers -- Visit this website to see an example of a whelping box made by installing plastic laminate reinforced with fiberglass on top of a piece of plywood.
  • Do your due diligence and research each contender carefully to be sure the company uses legitimate white hat SEO techniques and is a good fit for your specific needs.
  • Console manufacturers are starting to cut into this advantage with custom hardware and HDTV, but at the moment, the PC's customizability makes it a tough contender.
  • Your "Join us" site should emphasize commitments to product or service quality and customer service, and an explanation of what you do and why your company is the industry leader, or an up-and-coming contender.
  • Shocked when his name is pulled from the Goblet of Fire, Harry reluctantly assumes the role of contender in the tournament and begins to prepare himself for another dangerous adventure filled year at Hogwarts.