Sentence Examples

  • On July 31, 1999, he married make-up artist and founder of Delux Beauty, Jillian Fink.
  • 20 shows a Fink truss, a characteristic early American type, with cast iron compression and wrought iron tension members.
  • (Leipzig, 1878); Count v.Waldersdorf, Regensburg in seiner Vergangenheit and Gegenwart (4th ed., Regensburg, 1896); Fink, Regensburg in seiner Vorzeit and Gegenwart (6th ed., Regensburg, 1903); and Schratz, Fiihrer durch Regensburg (5th ed., G.
  • ' This call-note, which to many ears sounds like "pink" or "spink," not only gives the bird a name in many parts of Britain, but is also obviously the origin of the German Fink and the English Finch.