A mark indicating ownership
  1. stigma
  2. scar
  3. sear
  4. welt
  5. cauterization
  6. range brand
  7. mark of the branding iron
  8. earmark
  9. wattle
  10. owner's sign
  11. owner's mark
  12. heraldry of the range
  13. the rancher's coat of arms
To mark with disgrace or infamy
  1. stigmatize
  2. post
A burning stick
  1. ember
  2. live coal
  3. spark
  4. firebrand
  5. sword
  6. torch
  7. blade
  8. portfire
  9. steel
To set off by or as if by a mark indicating ownership or manufacture
A recognizable kind
  1. make
An association of disgrace or notoriety with something; a stigma.
  1. stain

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