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Another word for torch

  1. To cause to burn or undergo combustion

Another word for torch

      1. A signaling device that emits a repeating sound; a pinger.
      2. A signal fire, especially one used to warn of an enemy's approach.
      3. A signaling or guiding device that emits light, such as a lighthouse.
      1. The sensation of perceiving light; brightness:
      2. An expression of the eyes:
      3. Traffic light
      1. A bright, unsteady blaze of light lasting only a little while; outburst of flame
      2. A device for producing a very bright light, used as a distress signal, to light up a landing field, etc.
      3. A brief wavering blaze of light.
      1. A piece of burning wood.
      2. A person who stirs up others to rebellion or strife
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