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Another word for flame

  1. The visible signs of combustion

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  1. To undergo combustion

      1. To give off a strong, vivid light; shine very brightly; glare
      2. To burn with a bright flame.
      3. To burn rapidly or brightly; flame
      1. To execute or kill with fire:
      2. To be very eager:
      3. To harden or impart a finish to by subjecting to intense heat; fire:
      1. To catch fire; burst into flame:
      2. To undergo combustion; burn:
      3. To cause to burn; ignite.
      1. To expand or open outward in shape:
      2. To become suddenly angry. Used with up :
      3. To burn unsteadily, as a flame whipped about by the wind
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Another word for flame

  1. Fire

      1. Any very bright, often hot, light or glare
      2. A bright or steady light or glare:
      3. A brightness; vivid display; flash
      1. (Medicine) An area of redness on the skin surrounding the primary site of infection or irritation.
      2. A bright, unsteady blaze of light lasting only a little while; outburst of flame
      3. (Photog.) A foggy spot on film, caused by a reflection of light from the lens
      1. A glowing bit of matter, esp. one thrown off by a fire
      2. Any flash or sparkle of light like this
      3. (Elec.) A very brief flash of light accompanying an electric discharge through air or some other insulating material, as between the electrodes of a spark plug
      1. A sudden, brief, intense display of light.
      2. A sudden perception:
      3. Instantaneous illumination for photography:
      1. A smooth, bright, glassy surface, as of ice
      2. A too bright or dazzling display
      3. An intense, blinding light:
      1. A steady, even light without flame or blaze
      2. A light produced by a body heated to luminosity; incandescence.
      3. Brilliance or warmth of color, especially redness:
      1. A brief, faint manifestation or trace, as of hope, understanding, etc.
      2. A brief or dim indication; a trace:
      3. A brief beam or flash of light:
      1. Any of various visual effects, as a fluctuation in brightness on a video screen or in the clarity of the image being projected on a film screen
      2. A look or feeling that comes and goes quickly
      3. A dart of flame or light, as in a flickering fire
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  2. Sweetheart

      1. A sweetheart who is a boy or man
      2. A boy who is one's friend
      3. A male companion or friend with whom one has a sexual or romantic relationship.
      1. A girl who is someone's friend
      2. A female companion or friend with whom one has a sexual or romantic relationship.
      3. A woman friend of a woman
      1. A sweetheart.
      2. A person who is the object of popular romantic infatuation or desire. Usually used of men.
      3. A person, usually a young man, renowned for inspiring feelings of romantic infatuation
      1. A male given name used since mid-twentieth century.
      2. (Old-fashioned) The sweetheart or courter of a woman or girl
      3. A male companion or friend with whom one has a sexual or romantic relationship.
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Synonym Study

  • Glare implies a steady, unpleasantly bright light the glare of a bare light bulb
  • Glow suggests a steady, warm, subdued light without flame or blaze the glow of burning embers
  • Flare implies a sudden, bright, unsteady light shooting up into darkness the flare of a torch
  • Flicker suggests an unsteady, fluttering flame, esp. one that is dying out the last flicker of his oil lamp
  • Blaze suggests a hot, intensely bright, relatively large and steady fire a roaring blaze in the hearth
  • Flame generally refers to a single, shimmering, tonguelike emanation of burning gas the flame of a candle