Sentence Examples

  • - Inflammatory cells from acute exudate.
  • After a short period of freedom she was again arrested for making inflammatory speeches.
  • The explanation that this influence on the leucocytes explained the favourable action of quinine on certain inflammatory processes no longer holds, since we know that the inflammatory conditions are of microbic origin, and that the movements of the leucocytes are not objectionable, but highly desirable as a means of defence against bacteria and their products.
  • Quinine, therefore, is not beneficial in inflammatory conditions as far as this particular property is concerned.
  • For the chronic form of industrial poisoning in the manufacture of lucifer matches - a form of necrosis, known in England as " phossy jaw " and in France as " mal chimique," a localized inflammatory infection of the periosteum, ending with the death and exfoliation of part of the bone - see Match.