Sentence Examples

  • It features a raised headboard to keep pillows in place, an integrated pump that helps it inflate quickly, a special quick-deflate valve, and a one-year warranty on the mattress and two-year warranty on the pump.
  • If the company you rent from states that you are in charge of setting up and taking down the house, you open yourself up for more liability issues if you don't properly inflate or secure the equipment.
  • A lender might offer low interest rates on their equity loans but then tack on a one percent origination fee or inflate closing fees to make a bigger profit.
  • When you get to the beach just inflate the pillows, button in your towel (so it doesn't fly away and is easily removed for washing) and add some sand into the four corner Velcro pockets to weigh it down if it's a windy day.
  • Hackers want to hijack your computer and redirect it to a particular Web site to artificially inflate advertiser web traffic statistics, which means so much money per click.