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Another word for overcharge

  1. To exploit (another) by charging too much for something

      1. To immerse in liquid for a period of time:
      2. To make thoroughly wet or saturated:
      3. To absorb (liquid, for example) through pores or interstices:
      1. The membranous tissue forming the external covering or integument of an animal and consisting in vertebrates of the epidermis and dermis.
      2. An animal pelt, especially the comparatively pliable pelt of a small or young animal:
      3. A usually thin, closely adhering outer layer:
      1. The skin covering the top of the human head.
      2. A portion of this skin with its attached hair, cut from a body especially as a battle trophy or as proof in claiming a bounty.
      3. A piece of hide from the skull of certain animals, such as the fox, shown as proof of killing in order to collect a bounty.
      1. A product or service that is overpriced or of poor quality.
      2. Something, such as a film or story, that is clearly imitative of or based on something else.
      3. A theft.
      1. A shallow notch, cut, or indentation on an edge or a surface:
      2. A prison or police station.
      3. A groove down the side of a piece of type used to ensure that it is correctly placed.
      1. A chisel with a blade that has a rounded, angled, or troughlike indentation along its length.
      2. A scooping or digging action, as with such a chisel.
      3. A groove or hole scooped with or as if with such a chisel.
      1. To cut, cut off, or cut out with or as if with shears:
      2. To make shorter by cutting; trim:
      3. To cut off the edge of:
      1. The coat of wool of a sheep or similar animal.
      2. The yield of wool shorn from a sheep at one time.
      3. A soft woolly covering or mass.
  2. To make (something) seem greater than is actually the case

Another word for overcharge

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