Sentence Examples

  • For a site with a bit more personal creativity, visit, an independent children's site that features free printable birthday cards that you can color and embellish.
  • Perez Hilton - The self-proclaimed "Queen of all Media," Perez Hilton (aka Mario Lavandeira Jr.) puts his own spin on celebrity gossip, often times with a snarky edge and the addition of his own visuals to embellish the story.
  • Buy a solid red or green album and embellish with ribbons, stickers, charms or anything else festive, and be sure to include "My First Christmas" somewhere on the front before you start adding pictures.
  • The more line dance classes you take, the stronger your vocabulary becomes, the quicker you'll pick up the basics and be ready to either embellish the moves or learn the more complicated line dances.
  • If you can find a specialist in Asian tattoos who you can depend on to create an accurate scroll, you can embellish the design with a dragon descending down the side of the design.