Sentence Examples

  • Most depart from Kailua-Kona, though a few set-off from the Kohala Coast, close to the string of resorts that occupy the bay front.
  • They are only used for floor rugs, and the males are more highly esteemed on account of the set-off of the mane.
  • The new premier succeeded in persuading the Riksdag to pass a bill increasing the period of service with the colours in the army to six years and that in the militia to forty-two days, and as a set-off a remission of 3 o% on the land taxes.
  • At the same time the duke of Lorraine defeated Marshal Crequi (August 11th) at Conzer Briicke on the Moselle, and recaptured Trier (September 6th), which, as a set-off against Bonn, Turenne had taken in the autumn of 1673.
  • It was a trifling set-off that in 1567 the pope again enjoined the fathers to keep choir and to admit only the professed to priests' orders, especially as Gregory XIII.