Sentence Examples

  • It's somewhat unclear about how it works but studies show that it may activate the nicotine receptors in the brain - which creates a feeling of having smoked even though you haven't and blocks real nicotine from attaching to the receptors.
  • Color is certainly important and is used in conjunction with direction and elements, but it should never be used in an effort to activate an element.To believe a bedroom in the north must be painted blue is rigid thinking and incorrect.
  • Whereas most cell phone providers do a credit check and otherwise verify the identity of customers who buy mobile phones with a contract, a prepaid customer can simply buy a phone off the shelf and activate it on her own.
  • For example, uterine tissue can enter the mother's circulation during prolonged labor, introducing foreign proteins into the blood, or the venom of some exotic snakes can activate one of the clotting factors.
  • While you definitely need to have a credit card in order to activate your membership through the video game console, it is possible to get a subscription without a credit card through other means.