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Another word for initiate

  1. To go about the initial step in doing (something)

  2. To admit formally into membership or office, as with ritual

      1. To make a commitment to something or someone
      2. To put (money) into business, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc. for the purpose of obtaining an income or profit
      3. To spend or devote for future advantage or benefit:
      1. To install (someone) in office; to establish.
      2. To put in a particular status, position, or rank; install
      3. (Obs.) To endow; invest (with)
      1. To settle in an indicated place or condition; establish:
      2. To connect or set in position and prepare for use:
      1. To introduce, as to new experience or knowledge; initiate:
      2. (Obs.) To bring or lead in
      3. To provide with knowledge or experience of something, esp. something not open to all
      1. To induct (an official) into office with a formal ceremony
      2. To make a formal beginning of; start
      3. To open or begin use of formally with a ceremony; dedicate:
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  1. One who is just starting to learn or do something

      1. (Sports) A first-year or first-time player in a particular league, event, etc.
      2. (Sports) A first-year player, especially in a professional sport.
      3. (Informal) Any beginner or novice
      1. A beginner in learning something; novice
      1. A newcomer not yet hardened to rough outdoor life; a greenhorn.
      2. An inexperienced person; a novice
      3. Any newcomer, novice, or beginner
      1. The quarters assigned to religious novices
      2. The period or state of being a novice
      3. A place where novices live.
      1. A person new to a particular occupation, activity, etc.; apprentice; beginner; tyro
      2. A person who has entered a religious order but has not yet taken final vows.
      1. A beginner or novice:
      2. A novice of a religious order or congregation.
      3. One just beginning a new kind of life, work, etc.; beginner; novice
      1. (--- Now Rare) A newly arrived immigrant
      2. An inexperienced or immature person, especially one who is easily deceived.
      3. An inexperienced person; beginner; novice
      1. A student in the first year of college or the ninth grade in high school
      2. A beginner; a novice.
      1. A young, inexperienced person
      2. (Figuratively) An immature, naïve and/or inexperienced person.
      3. A young bird that has left the nest and has usually acquired flight feathers, but is often not yet able to fly.
      1. One who is just starting to learn or do something; a novice.
      2. A person just beginning to do or learn something; inexperienced, unskilled person; novice
      1. A person learning the alphabet; beginning student
      2. (Historical) A member of a 16th-century Anabaptist sect, follower of the Zwickau prophets (specially of Thomas Storch), who believed that any kind of knowledge (even basic reading and writing) would keep one from reaching obtaining salvation. [from 19th c.]
      3. Any beginner or novice
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Another word for initiate

  1. To begin

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  2. To introduce