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Another word for pundit

  1. A usually elderly person noted for wisdom, knowledge, and judgment

      1. Any of various plants of the genus Salvia of the mint family, especially S. officinalis, having aromatic grayish-green leaves.
      2. Any of a genus (Salvia) of plants of the mint family, having a two-lipped corolla and two stamens: sages are cultivated for ornament, as the scarlet sage (S. splendens) with brilliant red flowers, or for flavoring, as the garden sage (S. officinalis) with aromatic leaves used, when dried, for seasoning meats, cheeses, etc.
      3. A very wise person; esp., an elderly man, widely respected for his wisdom, experience, and judgment
      1. A person with a severe developmental disorder or other major mental disability who possesses some remarkable aptitude, as for memorization, rapid mental calculation, art, or music
      2. An idiot savant.
      3. A learned person; eminent scholar
      1. Any student or pupil
      2. A specialist in a particular branch of learning, esp. in the humanities
      3. A specialist in a given branch of knowledge:
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Another word for pundit

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