Sentence Examples

  • He was both a strategic thinker and capable of detailed execution.
  • He was a great thinker and a great doer, and with Washington he helped to make our country free.
  • The situation was saved by a newspaper whicl from the outset of its career obeyed the best canons of journalism - Born in 1882, the fiji Shimpo (Times) enjoyed the immense advan tage of having its policy controlled by one of the greatest thinker of modern Japan, Fukuzawa Yukichi.
  • Oncken, to take the extreme of condemnation, looks upon him as a bad physiocrat and a confused thinker, while Leon Say considers that he was the founder of modern political economy, and that "though he failed in the 18th century he triumphed in the 1 9th."
  • There is a monument (restored in 1887) to Giordano Bruno, the free-thinker, who was born at Nola in 1548.