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Another word for thinker

  1. A person who seeks reason and truth by thinking and meditation

      1. A person who lives by or expounds a system of philosophy
      2. A person who studies or is an expert in philosophy
      3. A student of or specialist in philosophy.
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  2. A person of great mental ability

      1. Intellectual ability; intellect:
      2. Exceptional intellectual ability; intelligence:
      3. The portion of the vertebrate central nervous system that is enclosed within the cranium, continuous with the spinal cord, and composed of gray matter and white matter. It is the primary center for the regulation and control of bodily activities, receiving and interpreting sensory impulses, and transmitting information to the muscles and body organs. In humans, it is also the seat of consciousness, thought, memory, and emotion.
      1. A person's individual ability to think and reason:
      2. A mind or intelligence, esp. a superior one
      3. The ability to reason or understand or to perceive relationships, differences, etc.; power of thought; mind
      1. A member of the intelligentsia
      2. A person with intellectual interests or tastes
      3. A person engaged in intellectual work
      1. The part or faculty of a person by which one feels, perceives, thinks, remembers, desires, and imagines:
      2. Focus of thought; attention:
      3. Opinion or sentiment:
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Another word for thinker

      1. A highly intelligent person, especially one who plans and directs a complex or difficult project:
      1. Any of various plants of the genus Salvia of the mint family, especially S. officinalis, having aromatic grayish-green leaves.
      2. A very wise person; esp., an elderly man, widely respected for his wisdom, experience, and judgment
      3. Any of a genus (Salvia) of plants of the mint family, having a two-lipped corolla and two stamens: sages are cultivated for ornament, as the scarlet sage (S. splendens) with brilliant red flowers, or for flavoring, as the garden sage (S. officinalis) with aromatic leaves used, when dried, for seasoning meats, cheeses, etc.
      1. A person with a severe developmental disorder or other major mental disability who possesses some remarkable aptitude, as for memorization, rapid mental calculation, art, or music
      2. A person with savant syndrome.
      3. An idiot savant.