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Another word for philosopher

  1. A person who seeks reason and truth by thinking and meditation

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Another word for philosopher

      1. An expert in logic
      2. A person who studies or teaches logic.
      3. A student or scholar of logic.
      1. One of the magi who paid homage to the baby Jesus; a magus.
      2. A man who is venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom.
      1. Any of various plants of the genus Salvia of the mint family, especially S. officinalis, having aromatic grayish-green leaves.
      2. A very wise person; esp., an elderly man, widely respected for his wisdom, experience, and judgment
      3. Any of a genus (Salvia) of plants of the mint family, having a two-lipped corolla and two stamens: sages are cultivated for ornament, as the scarlet sage (S. splendens) with brilliant red flowers, or for flavoring, as the garden sage (S. officinalis) with aromatic leaves used, when dried, for seasoning meats, cheeses, etc.
      1. A learned person; eminent scholar
      2. A person with a severe developmental disorder or other major mental disability who possesses some remarkable aptitude, as for memorization, rapid mental calculation, art, or music
      3. An idiot savant.
      1. One skilled in elaborate and devious argumentation.
      2. Any of a group of professional fifth-century bc Greek philosophers and teachers who speculated on theology, metaphysics, and the sciences, and who were later characterized by Plato as superficial manipulators of rhetoric and dialectic.
      3. In ancient Greece, any of a group of teachers of rhetoric, politics, philosophy, etc., some of whom were notorious for their clever, specious arguments
      1. A city in Iowa.
      2. A wise legislator or lawgiver.
      3. An ancient Athenian statesman and lawgiver, one of the Seven Sages (c.630-c.560 BC).
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