Sentence Examples

  • The publication of his best-known work, True Religion Delineated (1750), won for him a high reputation as a theologian, and the book was several times reprinted both in England and in America.
  • SAMUEL DREW (1765-1833), English theologian, was born in the parish of St Austell, in Cornwall, on the 6th of March 1765.
  • OTTO PFLEIDERER (1839-1908), German Protestant theologian, was born at Stetten near Cannstadt in Wurttemberg on the 1st of September 1839.
  • No theologian save Augustine has had an equal influence on the theological thought and language of the Western Church, a fact which was strongly emphasized by Leo XIII.
  • NATHANIEL WILLIAM TAYLOR (1786-1858), American Congregational theologian, was born in New Milford, Connecticut, on the 2 3 rd of June 1786, grandson of Nathaniel Taylor (1722-1800), pastor at New Milford.