Sentence Examples

  • When the servile Athenians, feigning to share the emperor's displeasure with the sophist, pulled down a statue which they had erected to him, Favorinus remarked that if only Socrates also had had a statue at Athens, he might have been spared the hemlock.
  • Carneades, practically a 5th-century sophist, is the most important of the ancient sceptics.
  • FAVORINUS (2nd century A.D.), Greek sophist and philosopher, flourished during the reign of Hadrian.
  • As a pupil of the sophist Prodicus he acquired facility in public speaking.
  • DIAGORAS, of Melos, surnamed the Atheist, poet and sophist, flourished in the second half of the 5th century B.C. Religious in his youth and a writer of hymns and dithyrambs, he became an atheist because a great wrong done to him was left unpunished by the gods.