Sentence Examples

  • He did not stop to criticize as a philologist, and ignored the miraculous.
  • It is perhaps as much from the impulse which Ernesti gave to sacred and profane criticism in Germany, as from the intrinsic excellence of his own works in either department, that he must derive his reputation as a philologist or theologian.
  • GEORG FRIEDRICH CREUZER (1771-1858), German philologist and archaeologist, was born on the 10th of March 1771, at Marburg, the son of a bookbinder.
  • FRIEDRICH GOTTLIEB WELCKER (1784-1868), German philologist and archaeologist, was born at Griinberg in the grand duchy of Hesse.
  • JEREMIE JACQUES OBERLIN (1735-1806), Alsatian philologist and archaeologist, brother of Jean Frederic Oberlin, was born at Strassburg on the 8th of August 1735.