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Another word for end

  1. The hindmost part of something

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  2. A demarcation point or boundary beyond which something does not extend or occur

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  3. The ultimate point to which an action, thought, discussion, or policy is carried

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  4. Residual matter

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  1. To bring or come to a natural or proper end

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Another word for end


    make both ends meet

  1. on-end

  2. straight, vertical, standing up;

    • put-an-end-to

    Synonym Study

    • To terminate is to bring or come to an end regarded as a limit or boundary to terminate a privilege
    • To complete is to finish by filling in the missing or defective parts the award completed his happiness
    • To finish is to bring to a desired end that which one has set out to do, as by adding perfecting touches to finish a painting
    • To conclude is to bring or come to a formal termination, often involving some final arrangement, decision, or action to conclude negotiations
    • To close is to come or bring to a stop, as if by shutting something regarded as previously open nominations are now closed
    • To end means to stop some process, whether or not it has been satisfactorily completed let's end this argument