Sentence Examples

  • She released her breath, satisfied on more than one level, to postpone her return to the human world.
  • I think I'll postpone any further subdivision of Germany for now, and instead create a Category:Russian Poland to take the rest of the articles in Category:Poland, Silesia and Prussia, as well as articles that have failed to be categorized (like Warsaw and Lodz).
  • President Lincoln executed the draft with all possible justice and forbearance, but refused every importunity to postpone it.
  • The country was at war, and it seemed best to postpone the new constitution until peace should be concluded.
  • Henry made a vain effort to prevent, or to postpone, the outbreak of hostilities; but urged on by his French ally and his queen, James declared for war, in spite of the counsels of some of his advisers, and (it is said) of the warning of an apparition.