Sentence Examples

  • Aries natives are strong in both body and mind, and they have a delightfully charming way of picking themselves up after a set-back, dusting themselves off and getting right back into the ring of life.
  • But Venizelos had come to Greece to establish reform and pacific progress; and little as he respected any member of the Royal family, he was fully conscious of the set-back that Greece's internal tranquillity and foreign relations would receive by a fresh change of dynasty or by the doubtful experiment of a republic. His first great work in Greece was the revision of the Greek Constitution, which was successfully accomplished in 1911.
  • On the other hand, an accidental set-back to population, such as that caused by famine or a disastrous war, leaves room which an increasing birth-rate hastens to occupy.
  • - In the late 'sixties the Yugoslav idea met with a serious set-back.
  • 13 Bagoses gave a set-back to the revival of the Persian Empire.