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Another word for doom

  1. A predestined tragic end

      1. The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermines events:
      2. The inevitable events predestined by this force:
      3. A final result or consequence; an outcome:
  1. To pronounce judgment against

      1. A grammatical unit that is syntactically independent and has a subject that is expressed or, as in imperative sentences, understood and a predicate that contains at least one finite verb.
      2. The penalty imposed by a law court or other authority upon someone found guilty of a crime or other offense.
      3. A maxim.
      1. To condemn to everlasting punishment or another terrible fate in the afterlife; doom:
      2. To condemn to an undesirable fate; destine:
      3. To bring about the failure of; ruin:
      1. To express strong disapproval of:
      2. To pronounce judgment against; sentence:
      3. To judge or declare to be unfit for use or consumption, usually by official order:
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  2. To predestine to a tragic end

Another word for doom

  1. One's appointed end

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  2. A verdict

      1. The act or process of judging; the formation of an opinion after consideration or deliberation.
      2. An opinion or estimate formed after consideration or deliberation, especially a formal or authoritative decision:
      3. The mental ability to perceive and distinguish relationships; discernment:
      1. A conclusion or judgment reached after consideration:
      2. The act of reaching a conclusion or of passing of judgment on an issue under consideration:
      3. Firmness of character or action; determination:
      1. The act of condemning.
      2. The state of being condemned.
      3. Severe reproof; strong censure.