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Another word for conclusion

  1. A concluding or terminating

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  2. The last part

      1. Alternative form of wrap-up.
      2. A concluding or final action:
      3. A brief condensation or recapitulation as a final summary, especially to a news programme
      1. A concluding part; a conclusion.
      2. (Baseball) The series of movements of a pitcher, including the swinging back of the arm and the raising of the forward foot, preparatory to pitching the ball. A wind-up is usually used when there are no base runners or when the bases are loaded.
      3. The act of bringing something to an end.
      1. The end of something in time; the conclusion.
      2. An end of something in space; a limit or edge.
      3. (Linguistics) The end of a word, as a suffix, inflectional ending, or final morpheme.
      1. The final or concluding part; end
      2. Someone or something which comes last
      3. The end:
      1. (Carpentry) Joiner work, as the installation of doors, stairs, panels, etc., which completes the interior of a building
      2. The last treatment or coating of a surface:
      3. The last part; end
      1. The concluding part of a musical composition
      2. The last scene or feature of an entertainment
      3. The conclusion or last part; end
      1. (Gram.) The letter(s) or syllable(s) added to the end of a word or base to make a derived or inflected form
      2. The last part; finish; conclusion
      3. An end
      1. A key that when pressed causes the cursor to go to the last character of the current line.
      2. The point in time when an action, event, or phenomenon ceases or is completed; the conclusion:
      3. A share of a responsibility or obligation:
      1. The final part or conclusion; end
      2. A conclusion; a finish:
      3. (Archaic) A fight at close quarters.
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  3. A position reached after consideration

      1. A formal statement of opinion or determination adopted by an assembly or other formal group
      2. The thing determined upon; decision as to future action; resolve
      3. A formal statement of a decision or expression of opinion put before or adopted by an assembly such as the US Congress.
      1. Firmness of purpose; resolve:
      2. The settling of a question or case by an authoritative decision or pronouncement, especially by a judicial body:
      3. A decision arrived at by thought and investigation; conclusion
      1. The act of reaching a conclusion or of passing of judgment on an issue under consideration:
      2. A conclusion or judgment reached after consideration:
      3. Firmness of character or action; determination:
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  4. A position arrived at by reasoning from premises or general principles

      1. The ability to come to opinions about things; power of comparing and deciding; understanding; good sense
      2. A legal decision; order, decree, or sentence given by a judge or law court
      3. An opinion or estimate formed after consideration or deliberation, especially a formal or authoritative decision:
      1. (Uncountable) The act or process of inferring by deduction or induction.
      2. The act or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assumed to be true.
      3. The act of reasoning from factual knowledge or evidence.
      1. A word or form in the illative case.
      2. A word or phrase, such as hence or for that reason, that expresses an inference.
      3. An illation or inference
      1. The act of inferring or drawing conclusions.
      2. The act of drawing a conclusion or making an inference
      3. The conclusion drawn; inference
      1. A conclusion reached by this process.
      2. The drawing of a conclusion by reasoning; the act of deducing.
      3. (Logic) The process of reasoning in which a conclusion follows necessarily from the stated premises; inference by reasoning from the general to the specific.
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Another word for conclusion

  1. An end

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  2. A decision