Sentence Examples

  • Thus, in order to infer that some wise men are good from the example of professors, Brentano's syllogism would be the following non-sequitur: There is not a not-good professor.
  • So Sigwart's syllogism would be the following non-sequitur:- If anything is a professor, it is good.
  • It is true, as Herbart says, that the judgment, " A square circle is an impossibility," does not contain the belief, " A square circle is existent "; but when he goes on to argue that it means, " If a square circle is thought, the conception of impossibility must be added in thought," he falls into a non-sequitur.
  • But to say from these premises, " God and metal are similar in what is signified by the middle term," is a mere repetition of the premises; to say, further, that " Gold may be a metal " is a non-sequitur, because, the middle being undistributed, the logical conclusion is the contingent "Gold may or may not be a metal," which leaves the question quite open, and therefore there is no syllogism.