Sentence Examples

  • The fall of Jajce was the consummation of theTurkish conquest.
  • To this consummation, with its necessary accompaniment in the extinction of prophecy, the book of Haggai already points.
  • Other problems connected with his family interests served to complicate the situation and eventually to prevent the successful consummation of many of his plans.
  • An alliance, on fairly equal terms, between the three powers, would, in these circumstances, be the consummation of Griffenfeldt's "system"; an alliance with France to the exclusion of Sweden would be the next best policy; but an alliance between France and Sweden, without the admission of Denmark, was to be avoided at all hazards.
  • This is the consummation towards which events had been steadily moving - not at first consciously, for it was some time before the tendencies at work were consciously realized - but ending at last in the complete equation of Old Testament and New, and in the bracketing together of both as the first and second volumes of a single Bible.