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Another word for realization

  1. The condition of being fulfilled

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  2. The condition of being in full force or operation

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  3. One's artistic conception as shown by the way in which something such as a dramatic role or musical composition is rendered

Another word for realization

  1. Comprehension

      1. Conscious knowledge or recognition; awareness.
      2. The range of what one can know or understand.
      3. Observance; notice:
      1. The state or condition of being conscious.
      2. A sense of one's personal or collective identity, including the attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group:
      3. Special awareness or sensitivity:
      1. The act of recognizing or condition of being recognized.
      2. An awareness that something perceived has been perceived before.
      3. An acceptance as true or valid, as of a claim:
      1. The ability by which one understands; intelligence:
      2. The quality or condition of one who understands; comprehension:
      3. Individual or specified judgment or outlook; opinion:
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  2. Achievement