Sentence Examples

  • These are perfectly proficient musicians doing a perfectly proficient rendition of an average pub rock band.
  • The Merry Christmas Tree: This adorable card features an upbeat rendition of "Silent Night" sung by a flock of animated birds who help light up a gigantic Christmas tree in the middle of a snowy forest.
  • Have guests choose a particular character (either fictional or real) to imitate, and then invite them to perform a rendition of that character while everyone else tries to guess who they are imitating.
  • If you're a tax lawyer trying to gain the trust of local companies, even a tasteful rendition of the same banana wearing an impeccable suit and tie just might not be what you're looking for.
  • A departure from the more linear format of the first NFSU, this second rendition allows gamers to explore a huge fictional city, complete with suburbia atop a hill, a casino district, the slums by the train tracks, and much much more.