Sentence Examples

  • These are perfectly proficient musicians doing a perfectly proficient rendition of an average pub rock band.
  • A departure from the more linear format of the first NFSU, this second rendition allows gamers to explore a huge fictional city, complete with suburbia atop a hill, a casino district, the slums by the train tracks, and much much more.
  • The making of the Lord of the Rings trilogy challenged filmmakers to create a believable rendition of Middle Earth as well as finding the right Lord of the Rings cast to portray the mix of Hobbits, Elves, Wizards and more.
  • The graphics are just as colorful, the music just as whimsical, but it may take a touch longer for the game (and its elements) to load compared to the trial download rendition (which this website also has available).
  • Whereas the Super Nintendo version eliminated the blood, and took out the most gruesome fatalities, the rendition found on the Sega Genesis included the blood and fatalities in all their head-ripping glory.