Sentence Examples

  • It was a poignant portrayal of the effects of a war that touched every aspect of society.
  • One legendary piece is Sailor Jerry's portrayal of a ship at sea with the word "Homeward" beneath it accompanied by splashes of vibrant red in the background as though devotion and fury fueled the ship's progress.
  • Jill Sobule, on the other hand, wrote a song in the '90's with the same title that is a more realistic portrayal of romantic feelings growing between women - which starts out as friendship and moves into more intimate territory.
  • Since she is still very young, she may choose to do something different down the line, but her awareness of some of the problems associated with sexual imagery suggests she may try to keep a strong control over her portrayal.
  • Erica's child (a product of a rape when she was just 14 years old) debuted on the show in the mid 90s played by Sarah Michelle Gellar (who would earn an Emmy for her portrayal and would go on to play Buffy the Vampire Slayer).