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Another word for copy

  1. An inferior substitute imitating an original

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Another word for copy

Synonym Study

  • A replica is an exact reproduction of a work of art or other object, sometimes on a smaller scale a replica of the Parthenon, in strict usage referring to a reproduction of a work of art made by the original artist
  • A duplicate is a double, or counterpart, of something, serving all the purposes of the original a duplicate of the contract
  • A facsimile is an exact reproduction in appearance, sometimes, however, differing in scale a facsimile of the original Declaration of Independence
  • Reproduction implies a close imitation of an original, often, however, with differences, as of material, size, or quality a reproduction of a painting
  • Copy , the broadest of these terms, refers to a thing that is made to be like another, whether the resulting correspondence is exact or approximate a carbon copy