Sentence Examples

  • The reprint will be found in vols.
  • C. Chase, Natal, a Reprint of all Authentic Notices, &c. (Grahamstown, 1843); W.
  • A reprint of his Lycophron in 1702 was dedicated to Graevius, and the Antiquities was afterwards published in Latin in the Thesaurus of Gronovius.
  • Editions of the book appeared in 1578 (printed by John Rosy, in 1600 (by Robert Smith), in 1621 (by Andro Hart); selections were published by Lord Hailes (1765) and by Sibbald (1802); a reprint of the 1621 volume was edited by Sir J.
  • Demaus, William Tyndale (London, 1871); also the Introduction to Mombert's critical reprint of Tyndale's Pentateuch (New York, 1884), where a bibliography is given.