Sentence Examples

  • The reprint will be found in vols.
  • (Oxford, 1869) is little more than a reprint of the text of Bishop Potter, 1715.
  • Editions of the book appeared in 1578 (printed by John Rosy, in 1600 (by Robert Smith), in 1621 (by Andro Hart); selections were published by Lord Hailes (1765) and by Sibbald (1802); a reprint of the 1621 volume was edited by Sir J.
  • Other works which may usefully be consulted are the Journals of John Woolman, Stephen Grellet and Elizabeth Fry; also The First Publishers of Truth, a reprint of contemporary accounts of the rise of Quakerism in various districts.
  • 145-146, a reprint from Burnet's Doc. Annals, ii.