Sentence Examples

  • Since the balance board is about the size of a skateboard, it seemed only natural for a skateboard game to make its way to the Wii, utilizing the balance board to simulate skateboarding movement.
  • While riding outdoors gives you the benefit of being in the open air and taking in the scenery, stationary bikes can improve your fitness level when you increase the resistance or simulate rides on hills and valleys.
  • In their physical properties the natural waxes simulate the fatty oils and fats.
  • Some are in Greek and demotic, and one, of peculiar interest from the chemical point of view, gives a number of receipts, in Greek, for the manipulation of base metals to form alloys which simulate gold and are intended to be used in the manufacture of imitation jewellery.
  • Cells of this type are often called trumpet-hyphae (though they have no connection with the hyphae of Fungi), and in some genera of Laminariaceae those at the periphery of the medulla simulate the sieve-tubes of the higher plants in a striking degree, even (like these latter) developing the peculiar substance callose on or in the perforated cross-walls or sieve-plates.