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Another word for affect


  1. To take on or give a false appearance of



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  2. To evoke a usually strong mental or emotional response from

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Synonym Study

  • Sway emphasizes influence intended to turn a person from a given course threats will not sway us See also syn. study at pretend.
  • Touch and the stronger move , as considered here, are both applied to the arousing of sympathy or other emotion, but move also denotes influencing so as to bring about a change or a show of feeling his story moved me to tears
  • Impress is used of that which produces a deep or lasting effect on the mind
  • To influence is to affect in such a way as to produce a change in action, thought, nature, or behavior to influence legislation
  • her death affected us deeply
  • Affect implies the producing of an effect strong enough to evoke a reaction interest rates affect housing sales