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Another word for replicate

  1. To make a copy of

      1. To have or take on the appearance, sound, or character of; imitate:
      2. To make in imitation of or as a substitute for:
      3. To make a pretense of; feign:
      1. To produce again or anew; re-create:
      2. To produce a copy, imitation, or representation of:
      3. To generate (offspring) by sexual or asexual means.
      1. To use or follow as a model:
      2. To copy the mannerisms or speech of; mimic:
      3. To copy (mannerisms or speech):
      1. Identically copied from an original.
      2. Existing or growing in two corresponding parts; double.
      3. Denoting a manner of play in cards in which partnerships or teams play the same deals and compare scores at the end:
      1. An imitation or reproduction of an original; a duplicate:
      2. A file that has the same data as another file:
      3. One example of a printed text, picture, film, or recording:
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