Sentence Examples

  • She mentioned her distaste for Donald Trump and the Miss USA organization - complete with an impersonation of Trump at the press conference.
  • Hold a costume contest and announce the winner for different categories, such as "best dressed", "best impersonation", "silliest costume" and more.
  • If you think you might never be able to fully imitate MJ's dancing, check out this Billie Jean impersonation that includes flawless moonwalking.
  • Grima, a mask or helm, and hiltja or hilta, war) means "the masked warrior woman," and has been taken to prove her to have been originally a mythical, daemonic figure, an impersonation of the powers of darkness and of death.
  • When it was at last produced on the 4th of November 1789, it achieved an immense success, due in part to its political suggestion, and in part to Talma's magnificent impersonation of Charles IX.