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Another word for role

  1. The proper activity of a person or thing

      1. A piece of work assigned or done as part of one's duties.
      2. A difficult or tedious undertaking:
      3. A function to be performed; an objective:
      1. The object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or goal:
      2. Determination; resolution:
      3. To intend or resolve:
      1. A regular activity performed in exchange for payment, especially as one's trade, occupation, or profession:
      2. A position of employment:
      3. A task that must be done:
      1. A person's role or occupation:
      2. The physiological activity of an organ or body part:
      3. A procedure within an application.
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  2. One's proper or expected function in a common effort

      1. A part or portion belonging to, distributed to, contributed by, or owed by a person or group:
      2. An equitable portion:
      3. One of the equal parts into which the capital stock of a company is divided:
      1. A thing considered as a unit or an element of a larger thing, quantity, or class; a portion:
      2. A portion or part that has been separated from a whole:
      3. An object that is one member of a group or class:
      1. A portion, division, piece, or segment of a whole.
      2. Any of several equal portions or fractions that can constitute a whole or into which a whole can be divided:
      3. A division of a book or artistic work such as a film:

Another word for role

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