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Another word for perfection

  1. A special feature or quality that confers superiority

      1. Moral excellence and righteousness; goodness.
      2. An example or kind of moral excellence:
      3. Chastity, especially in a woman.
      1. Superior quality or worth; excellence:
      2. A quality deserving praise or approval; virtue:
      3. Demonstrated ability or achievement:
      1. The state, quality, or condition of excelling; superiority.
      2. Something in which one excels.
      3. Excellency.
      1. The act of distinguishing; differentiation:
      2. The condition or fact of being dissimilar or distinct; difference:
      3. A distinguishing factor, attribute, or characteristic:
      1. A quality or combination of qualities that gives pleasure to the mind or senses and is often associated with properties such as harmony of form or color, proportion, authenticity, and originality.
      2. One that is beautiful, especially a beautiful woman.
      3. A quality or feature that is most effective, gratifying, or telling:

Another word for perfection

  1. The act of perfecting

  2. The state of being complete

  3. A high degree of excellence