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Another word for end of the line

  1. A concluding or terminating

      1. A brief final summary, as of the news.
      2. A concluding or final action:
      1. The act of bringing something to an end.
      2. A concluding part; a conclusion.
      3. The series of movements of a pitcher, including the swinging back of the arm and the raising of the forward foot, preparatory to pitching the ball. A wind-up is usually used when there are no base runners or when the bases are loaded.
      1. The final point; the end.
      2. An end point on a transportation line or the town in which it is located.
      3. A boundary or border.
      1. The act of terminating or the condition of being terminated.
      2. The end of something in time; the conclusion.
      3. An end of something in space; a limit or edge.
      1. To close (an opening or hole) by covering, filling in, or plugging up:
      2. To constrict (an opening or orifice):
      3. To obstruct or block passage on (a road, for example).
      1. An interval of time characterized by the occurrence of a certain condition, event, or phenomenon:
      2. An interval of time characterized by the prevalence of a specified culture, ideology, or technology:
      3. An interval regarded as a distinct evolutionary or developmental phase:
      1. To stop (doing an activity or task) after reaching the point at which there is nothing left to do:
      2. To bring to a required or desired state:
      3. To arrive at or attain the end of:
      1. A conclusion or termination.
      2. A concluding part; a finale:
      3. The final morpheme added to a word base to make an inflectional form, such as –ed in walked.
      1. Either extremity of something that has length:
      2. The outside or extreme edge or physical limit; a boundary:
      3. The point in time when an action, event, or phenomenon ceases or is completed; the conclusion:
      1. The act of consummating; a fulfillment.
      2. An ultimate goal or end.
      1. The close or last part; the end or finish:
      2. The result or outcome of an act or process:
      3. A judgment or decision reached after deliberation.
      1. The act of completing or the state of being completed.
      2. A forward pass that is caught in bounds by a receiver.
      1. The act of closing or the state of being closed:
      2. Something that closes or shuts.
      3. A bringing to an end; a conclusion:
      1. The end or conclusion:
      2. A meeting for completing a transaction, especially one at which contracts are signed transferring ownership of real estate.
      1. Being near in space or time.
      2. Being near in relationship:
      3. Bound by mutual interests, loyalties, or affections; intimate:
      1. A bringing or coming to an end; a ceasing:
      1. To put an end to; discontinue:
      2. To come to an end; stop:
      3. To stop performing an activity or action; desist:
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